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Added 2012-12-08 Good Rating 53%

Ex Really Loved To Have Sex. Anywhere And Everywhere Was Game. She Loved Being Naked.

Hot Girl From Work

Added 2012-12-07 Good Rating 56.1%

I Started Dating This Older Girl At Work Who Is A Cougar. I Got Her Addicted To My Dick By Making Her Cum Every Time We Had Sex. Now She Calls Me For Booty Calls.

Sexy Asian

Added 2012-12-07 Good Rating 52.7%

My Sexy Asian Wife's Ass And Pussy For U Guy To Watch Of Her. She Been With Me A Long Time Now And Great Cooking.

Hot Mom

Added 2012-12-06 Good Rating 61.1%

At 45, Nancy Is Well Aware Of How Good Looking She Is For Her Age And Takes Full Advantage Of It At The Pubs.

Hot British Mom

Added 2012-12-05 Good Rating 55.6%

British Girls Turn Into Total Freaks In The Fall In England. I Think It Has To Do With The Weather Changing & Them Waiting To Get Preggers.

Is This Fair?

Added 2012-12-05 Good Rating 55.6%

My Wife Decided She Wanted To Have Sex With Another For Her Birthday. Unforgettably, The Other Girl Basically Said She's A Lesbian So I Couldn't Get Involved. Is This Fair?

MILF Michelle With Puffy Nipples

Added 2012-12-04 Good Rating 55%

MILF Michelle Likes Showing Of Her Small Tits With Big Puffy Nipples.

Joana, More Of The Bitch I Cheated On 2 Times, She Loves To Swallow And Anal Look Out For Her

Added 2012-12-04 Good Rating 54.4%

Joana, More Of The Bitch I Cheated On 2 Times, She Loves To Swallow And Anal Look Out For Her

Jenny My Ex Slut

Added 2012-12-03 Good Rating 52.7%

Had A Nice Looking Pussy But Was Looser Than Fuck!!!

Russian Girl Nina

Added 2012-12-02 Good Rating 56.4%

Russian Girl Nina Is Tight In All The Right Places. To Bad It's Also With Her Bum I Will Keep Trying For It Though.

Navy Girl Loves Cock In Every Porthole

Added 2012-12-02 Good Rating 55.7%

Navy Girl Gives Great Head While Getting Buttfucked In Every Porthole.

More Jen

Added 2012-12-01 Good Rating 55.6%

My Wife Jen Is A Total Slut But Only With Me. Let Her Know What You Think & I Will Prob Get Laid If It's Good.

Sexy Married MILF Joann

Added 2012-12-01 Good Rating 52.4%

Hot MILF Joann That Likes To Fool Around With Married Men.


Added 2012-11-30 Good Rating 56.8%

My Ex Wife Karen Used To Love And Get Wasted & Fuck In Any Position I Wanted.

Ex Wife

Added 2012-11-30 Good Rating 52.5%

Ex Wife Went Off With Another Guy She Met At Work... Grrrr Why She No Love Me?

Milf Sexy

Added 2012-11-29 Good Rating 55.9%

Blonde Sexy Milf Dresses Up In White Stockings For Her Man.

Anal Milf Latina Loves Cock

Added 2012-11-29 Good Rating 54.7%

Sexy Milf Loves Anal So Deep It Makes Her Scream

Texas Ashleys Ass

Added 2012-11-28 Bad Rating 49.6%

Ashley From Texas, She Shouldn't Ever Seen These Photos Because She's Horrible With The Computer :)

Bi Slut

Added 2012-11-27 Good Rating 52.5%

This Is One Used Pussy That I Was In Touch With For A Couple Weeks. She Is Bi And Loves To Talk About Other Women While We Fucked.

So Hot

Added 2012-11-26 Good Rating 54.9%

I Never Needed To Buy Condoms With This Girl Because She Would Always Want To Swallow My Spunk.

Wife Exposed

Added 2012-11-26 Good Rating 54.5%

She Luved To Pose Like This Back In The Day! Now We Are Divorced But I Still Have These Photos To Look At.

Great Mom

Added 2012-11-25 Good Rating 56.5%

She Is Such A Great Mom And Really Good In Bed. I'm Trying To Get Her To Film Some Porno's With Me Next!


Added 2012-11-25 Good Rating 55.5%

Ex-Jessica She's A Twitter Cheating Whore. Likes Internet And Phone Sex With Strangers

My Ex But Still The Best Fuck To Date

Added 2012-11-25 Good Rating 50%

Miss Goodie In Public, Fucking SWEET WHORE In Bed

As Promised More Photos Of My Ex Hoe, She Likes Anal And Loads To The Face Have Fun And Share This Hoe

Added 2012-11-24 Good Rating 53.7%

As Promised More Photos Of My Ex Hoe, She Likes Anal And Loads To The Face Have Fun And Share This Hoe

Skinny Blonde Wife

Added 2012-11-24 Good Rating 51.9%

My Skinny Blonde Housewife Makes All The Other Moms Jealous. She's A Bump Lumpy In The Butt But When She Dresses Up She's A Stunner.

Spreading & Fucking My Soaked Cunt

Added 2012-11-23 Good Rating 54.5%

I Love Using Toys And My Fingers To Pleasure Myself. Checkout Me Spreading & Fucking My Soaked Cunt

My Ex-girlfriends Tits, Ass And Pussy

Added 2012-11-23 Good Rating 51.2%

Her Name Is Sandra, From The Netherlands. She Is A Great Mom And A Lot Of Fun In Bed!

Hot Ex GF

Added 2012-11-22 Good Rating 53.2%

Hot Ex That Was A Freak Both In The Bedroom And When Taking Her Outdoors. She Used To Start Fights With Everyone Of My Friends About Stupid Shit So I Had To Break Up With Her.

My Hottie

Added 2012-11-22 Good Rating 51.9%

Various Pics Of My Hottie Wife Out And About! I Made Her Shave Her Pussy For These Photos But She Usually Has A Little Stubble.


Added 2012-11-21 Good Rating 53.7%


Welcome Home!

Added 2012-11-21 Good Rating 51.3%

My Ex Liked To Welcome Me Home With A 'bang'!

Still Worth A Fuck

Added 2012-11-20 Good Rating 52.5%

My Wife


Added 2012-11-19 Good Rating 53.3%

Katie Is A Hot Girl Who Likes Soccer And CUM!

Hairy Pussy

Added 2012-11-19 Good Rating 52%

Here Are Some Pics For All The Older Guys On This Site. Do You Remember The Days When A Girl With A Little Hair Was Ok? I Sure Do.

My Asian Wife

Added 2012-11-18 Good Rating 53.5%

Check Some Pics Of My Super Horny Asian Wife.

Hot Fake Blond

Added 2012-11-18 Good Rating 51.3%

Trashey Blond Showing Her Stuff

Berlin Wife

Added 2012-11-17 Good Rating 50.9%

My Wife Still Loves To Fuck Every Saturday Night Even After Us Being Together For 8 Years.

My Wife For You

Added 2012-11-17 Good Rating 50.6%

Here Are Some Naked Pics Of My Wife For You Guys To Take A Peek At!

Ex Wife

Added 2012-11-16 Good Rating 51.8%

My Ex Wife Was Hooked Into These Online Porn Webcams & Really Got Off On Seeing Guys Comment About Her.

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